Michael Kors Shoulder hot summer came to an end, becoming cooler autumn season, whether you have come to feel comfortable autumn it As the season comes increasingly clear skin is dry, dry, sensitive skin and other issues. If you neglect autumn skin care, there will be a rash, itching, peeling phenomenon. Made a hot summer's water beauty, you will not Michael Kors Selma Totes want to be defeated in the cool autumn become 'dry skin' and it, do not discount the natural beauty, let seasonal wild herbs gods of water to help you find it!

early autumn, slowly reduce moisture in the air compared to 
Michael Kors Backpacks the summer, beautiful skin texture thick water for your skin before putting a protective film to prevent moisture being taken away by the autumn, when used morning and evening skin care for your skin and add moisture nutrients. Late autumn is recommended with cream or lotion used together would be more effective, oh when!

addition to daily care, but also can be compressed paper mask DIY mask infiltration Body water and gently apply to the face, so rich in Rhodiola, honeysuckle, motherwort Michael Kors Skorpios Totes herbal extracts of Body water slowly penetrate the skin, does not feel moist Asia to do a field face SPA.

If you have a green points bottling, it is recommended Body water containers, 
Michael Kors Tote and portable, so it can be done anywhere, anytime for the skin to add moisture to the skin care anytime, anywhere, so that the skin all the time in the autumn shine.

Lotion indeed season season is the holy grail of skin, but can not be stingy with it for every inch of your body skin to reap benefits! DIY Lotion mask can be used to apply after attaining 
Michael kors Clutch the elbow or knee, these are the most likely to ignore the body Skin corner.

since it is a herbal gods of water, beautiful skin naturally not the lack of water-rich herbal extracts, containing concentrated Rhodiola, motherwort, honeysuckle, saffron, snow grass and other natural herbal extracts, natural does not stimulate the skin to absorb the essence of dope, Michael Kors Tonne Totes infiltration thirsty skin, promote metabolism, but also rich in nutrients for the skin, so you are able to withstand every inch of skin bleak autumn.

Lotion smells fresh and elegant, full-bodied texture, silky feel like silk in general, the facial skin can be relatively easy to open, and moisturizes the skin cells plump water, more compact and flexible. Continued use, allowing autumn to ease dry skin, the skin drink enough water so that you show good color, beauty does not discount let favorability up up!
Supermodel Supermodel income again Rongdeng Fu charts worldwide, Michael Kors Envelope Large Grey Wallet with a $ 47 million last year fetched, disdain for the industry group Yan. Recently, Bundchen is winning endorsement Chanel two pens, and hand in the famous world-renowned film director (BAZ LUHRMANN) work together to create the next Chanel N5 perfume a large ad.

Baz \u0026 middot; Luhrmann had in 2004 directed by (NICOLE KIDMAN) starring Chanel N5 perfume commercials, swept the globe. This time, he will be their extraordinary creativity and unique aesthetic concept for the 
Michael Kors Satchel classic Chanel perfume N5 writing a legend.

Chanel spokesperson when talking about selecting Kyrgyzstan as the new No.5 spokesperson said: 'The decision to Giselle \u0026 middot; Bundchen because of her natural beauty and Michael Kors Envelope Logo Large Brown Wallet modern femininity.' starring Giselle by this The latest Chanel No. 5 perfume ad will be released later this year.

recall in recent years, those stunning Chanel 2015 Bag Trend No. perfume advertising, whether it is valuable recordings exposure period of Monroe's last interview, or the world's sexiest man Brad Pitt in front of the camera is a sincere confession, but also or Audrey \u0026 middot; period of Tatooine in the midnight train romantic encounter, are particularly intriguing, impressive. This enables us can not help but begin to guess, this year by supermodel Gisele \u0026 middot; Bundchen Chanel interpretation of how Michael Kors Hamilton Continental Large Black Wallet advertising will bring a large moving story